Welcome to the RoadLaw Driving School!


Driving is a Skill You Can Develop!

As it goes in the good old saying, there’s no trait that can’t be developed as a skill if you try hard enough.

After having been instructing thousands of young drivers-to-be in the last few years, we cannot agree more!

All in all, rest assured that we will make sure that you will become a responsible driver in no time!

Did You Know…?

In fact, over 3 million people every year go to driving schools in order to obtain their “turned 16” driver’s license.

See our services:

  • 8-hour Extended Freeway Course
  • 6-hour Basic Driver Course
  • Freeway Course
  • DMV Test: One-hour pre-test
  • Hourly Rates For Behind the Wheel
  • Private lessons






Thomas Hancock student

“I was a bit frightened about going to school for 6-hours for my tiny speeding ticket, but guys here made it enjoyable! At the end of the day, I’ve learned some new things that I had forgotten or was not aware of. My instructor was very informative.”

Lesley Binkle student

” While I’ve had a lot of traffic tickets in my life, last summer I certainly went over my own limit of it… But after paying a visit to this driving school’s educational courses I’ve had no problem, as my traffic rules knowledge had been fully refreshed! ”

Gary Lewis student

“As I was about to get a brand new job, it was impossible for me to afford my speeding points to appear on my DMV public driving record… That’s why I was head over the heels with an option to get rid of those points by attending this traffic school!”

John Banks student

“Whenever I realized like I don’t know the road too good or do not follow the traffic rules, I felt like I had to revisit my driving classes again. Luckily, this has just recently happened for me and I am so glad I did it!”

Arthur Hayley student

“As soon as I turned 16 I was so eager to get my hands on the stirring and get my very own driver’s license. So half a year ago I’ve started taking these driving classes which got me a real driver’s permit!”

Rickie Jackson student

“As soon as we realize that we do not know something very well, it’s best of all to revisit that knowledge. Thankfully I’ve recently found this driving school which provides awesome, affordable pricing for their private driving classes!”